Different Types Of Wedding Dresses And Their Demands

Wedding is a special occasion and every girl wants to look exceptional on her wedding. The things that make a wedding event special include the arrangements and the catering. A bride is always conscious about her dress because her wedding dress is the most important thing for her. A perfect dress will make her look beautiful and if the dress is not perfectly designed, it will spoil her grace. So brides are very careful in selecting their dresses.


Pakistani bridal dresses represent the culture in their designs. All the designers design the wedding dresses with traditional background to enhance the beauty of the Asian brides. There are 4 main days of the Pakistani wedding functions i.e mayun, mehndi, baraat and walima. Each day has its own specific dress. The different variety of dresses make Pakistani wedding functions unique in the entire world. Pakistani women anywhere prefer to buy Pakistani wedding dresses because they are such graceful that no other dresses are.

Types of Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are of different types. Depending on the styles and patterns, Pakistani weddings are versatile. Embroidery or different types of add-ons are the essential elements of these wedding dresses. You can pick one of the following discussed wedding dresses for your wedding. Check the below defined popular outfits that come in the women wedding dress collection.



It is a very common bridal wear which is used by brides in India and Pakistan. It is a unique dress which enhances the personality of any bride who wears it. Lehnga is like a long skirt which is worn with a long or short blouse. In these days the length of the blouse is rather long. The designs of lehngas change with the changing trends and fashion. But, it is an everlasting and beautiful wedding dress. Designers use different types of works for giving this dress the amazing look.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra choli is another stunning wedding dress which is admired by all women. Designer ghara choli comes in different varieties.  This dress comes in different stuffs like silk, chiffon, net, satin, georgette etc. All the fancy fabrics are used in making ghagra choli. The designers are famous for their stitching, high grade fabric and the embellishments.


One of the most attractive Pakistani wedding dresses is sharara. It consists of top and flowing pants. The dress is very smart and appealing. It is also very comfortable. Available in many different colors, this wedding dress is the perfect wedding outfit considered by girls. The most popular colors chosen by the designers are the red, pink, maroon, etc.

These are the most common types of wedding dresses that are used by brides. All of the dresses are very comfortable. You can buy wedding dresses online now with the help of several websites that facilitate online shopping. Pakistani wedding dresses are ideal for completing the look of the bride. You can check different varieties available online and order one for you.

Source: https://pakrobeblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/different-types-of-wedding-dresses-and-their-demands


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